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The wounds to wisdom

In From Wounds to Wisdom, Sussi Mattsson eloquently weaves countless life principles and distinctions into her extraordinary true-life story.

Just six months after her mother had died of cancer, Sussi’s pregnant stepmother tells her that her father hade a counterfeit passport made for her, and that he also had bought a one-way airline ticket to send her out of the country. Her own father was about to sell her abroad at only eight years of age. In a split second Sussi makes a courageous and life-changing decision.

As a reader, imagine being immediately drawn into the story as you will be filled with inspiration and hope that translates to taking deliberate and proactive action in your own life.

Image facing adversity and being brave enough to have the courage to do what’s right instead of what’s easy. This is only one of many life principles thought in the book. Sussi writes with vulnerability, honesty and depth, the story and life principles will make you stop in your tracks and truly inspire you to realize what is possible in life.

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In one of her upcoming books, From Wounds To Wisdom, Sussi takes the reader on an inspirational journey of hope and courage and overcoming life changing obstacles, as she describes her compelling life story.

Another of Sussi’s soon to be published books, The Big 3 – How to build your solid Success Foundation, provides the reader with proven success tools and strategies for building a solid success foundation.

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Sussi Mattsson

International Executive Coach and World Class Leadership and Performance Trainer who uses her skills and mindset to help people enhance and strengthen their lives, both professionally and personally.

In one of her forthcoming books, From Wounds To Wisdom, Sussi takes the readers on an inspirational journey of hope and courgae and overcoming life changing obstacles as she describes her compelling life story.

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